Meet Jillian

We’re a focused, personable and talented home care organization.

BlueSea Care places at your services decades of collective experience in the healthcare, home care, and Wellness services.
You can rest assured of Jillian’s commitment to providing your loved ones with value-based care founded on trust, integrity and quality excellence.

Jillian Kennedy is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife and owner of BlueSea Care Services. Jillian has more than 20 years of a multi-disciplined and international medical experience. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, where she received her nursing education and qualifications, Jillian traveled to several continents around the world in the pursuit of her nursing career development. In 2015, she settled in California, and was determined to apply her education and training to enhance in-home care for seniors. Jillian leverages the various best practices she acquired throughout the years to make her home care services absolutely effective and beneficiary to both our clients and their family members who want to feel less like caregivers and more like sons and daughters again.

As part of her duties, Jillian insists on being involved in the daily operations by personally conducting all the clients’ assessments in addition to developing and supervising every case management, in alignment with the family members and their physicians when requested.

With the help of her team, Jillian is also in charge of recruiting, developing and retaining an outstanding talent pool of Home Care Aides. Not only is her caregivers’ team fully compliant with the recent CDSS licensure codes, Jillian is constantly investing in specialty training modules that include Memory Loss Care and Therapeutic Art Activities in order to serve the growing requirements of her clients.


BlueSea Care knows how important it is for our clients to have trust and confidence in their caregivers. We deeply respect the responsibility we have of providing you with caregivers who embody competence, empathy, and most importantly, integrity. Our selection and screening process exceeds industry standards, including background checks and much more. All of our caregivers have extensive training, and our stringent requirements ensure that our clients receive only the most qualified, compassionate, and committed caregivers.