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  • 012: Marie Matheson: Developing Mental Resilience
    Join Dr. Marie Matheson as we speak about the importance of mental resilience. Dr. Matheson is an experienced doctor with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health industry. She specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy, group and family therapy, clinical supervision, and psychological assessments. In this interview, we dive into ways you can build […]
  • 011: Hold Fast Seal Beach with Deb Machen
    Deb Machen talks about the City of Seal Beach's Hold Fast Seal Beach Campaign.  Starting on September 1 and every week through November 15, a lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a $50 gift card to one of Seal Beach's local businesses. Drawings will be held on Facebook Live. BlueSea Care is one of the […]
  • 010: Dr. Michael O'Brien: Practicing Optimism While Facing Crisis
    Join us as we speak to Dr. Michael O'Brien, a successful executive educator, CEO, leader, teacher, author, and sought-after expert. O'Brien is a sought after executive leadership educator in the healthcare industry and assists leaders who are facing dramatic changes to find optimistic solutions that drive them forward.  O'Brien offers insight and valuable knowledge that […]
  • 009: Dr. Julene Johnson: Music & Brain Health
    Dr. Julene Johnson is a renowned cognitive neuroscientist, and was named one of the top 50 influencers in aging by UCSF. She is Associate Director Professor at the Institute for Health and Aging at the University of San Francisco (UCSF) and Director of the Sound Health Network, which aims to provide  an infrastructure for music […]
  • 008: Sergeant Nick Nicholas Seal Beach Police Department: Senior Protection
    What do you need to know to support and protect seniors and their loved ones? Sergeant Nick Nicholas of the City of Seal Beach Police Department offers advice and recommendations to seniors and their families. These essential to know tips can help seniors to care for themselves while getting the protection you need to prevent […]
  • 007: Anne Grey: This Year's Walk Is Everywhere
    Statistics show that Alzheimer's and different forms of dementia are expected to drastically increase by the year of 2050. Today, we speak with Anne Grey of the Alzheimer's association, highlighting what you need to know about the disease. Anne walks us through early signs of detection, prevention methods, and what you can do to get […]
  • 006: Doug Chamberlin (Toy Story 2): Laughter Is Your Best Medicine
    In this Coping to Care episode, we speak with humorist, screenwriter, and actor, Doug Chamberlin.  Most widely known for writing Toy Story 2, which earned him an Outstanding Achievement Award for Writing in an Animated Featured Production. Doug has spent over 20 years writing screenplays and working as a television writer. He now works as […]
  • 005: Captain Ben Gonzalez and Brandi Najm: Tips for Senior Safety
    Join us on Coping to Care with Captain Ben Gonzalez, the Orange County Fire Authority Public Information Officer, and Brandi Najm, Community Relations and Education Supervisor at the Orange County Fire Authority. They share in-depth insights on what you need to do to stay safe in your home. From fire prevention and safety to stopping […]
  • 004: Heidi Landis - Discovering Creative Therapies
    Heidi Landis guides us through the power of the arts and how she uses art therapy to assist with cognitive care. Heidi is a New York licensed creative arts therapist, registered drama therapist, certified group psychotherapist and practitioner of psychodrama. Her approach is to use the creative arts for emotional and physical integration and to […]
  • 003: Carlo St. Juste II: Embracing Holistic Health
    Join us as we speak with Carlo St. Juste II, a licensed acupuncturist located in Los Angeles. He has over 12 years of experience in the field of wellness and has integrated Eastern martial arts, such as Qi Gong, Kung Fu, and Jujitsu into his understanding of how our health works. Carlo highlights the connection […]
  • 002: Craig Springer: Coping and Conquering Mental Health
    Listen to renowned psycho-therapist, Craig Springer, founder of the Good Like Centre. He walks us through the many years of experience to help us understand how to cope with and treat mental health issues, including trauma to anxiety. Craig highlights the importance of mental awareness during these times, as well as how seniors and their […]
  • 001: Anne Iarchy's 5 Step System
    Join us on Coping to Care as we speak with Anne Iarchy, wellness coach and fitness expert. We dive into the must-knows to help with self-care, putting yourself on the priority list, and how to stay healthy during these times. This is a part of the BlueSea Care commitment to complete wellness as a priority […]