Discover the Healing Power of the Arts.

Holistic Care for Seniors

There is more to health than taking care of basic, daily routines. Cognitive, emotional and social health are also integral parts of senior well-being.

At BlueSea Care, we believe in the power of comprehensive care management, allowing every individual to experience complete health by using tools that are proven to be effective.

The Transformative Benefits of the Arts

Art for seniors is known to have a profound impact on individuals. Researchers have found that it has the capacity to transform every area of each individual's life, directly supporting positive improvements with physical, emotional and mental needs that cannot be reached any other way.

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See why everyone is using the arts for therapeutic benefits.

Bringing Family and Communities Together.

To fully leverage the benefits of the Arts in senior health, we have introduced Painting with Mom to the community. It is a safe, guided and social outlet for seniors to engage socially and reconnect with their family members.

The lack of socialization is a prevailing issue that seniors are confronted with as they grow older. To help remedy this challenge, we offer art classes for seniors and their family allowing everyone to enjoy time together in a fun and social setting.

Art is not only therapeutic for the individual, it also brings the whole community together.

Sample the amazing benefits of the Arts at home with our free coloring book downloads.

I have been to several events with my mom over the past year and I am thankful to Blue Sea for sponsoring these events.


Seal Beach, CA

I attended my first painting event today and really enjoyed it. The painting was easy and the group very positive. I look forward to attending the next one..


Seal Beach, CA

How Art Produces Positive Results

Support Cognition

Art has several case examples which showcase the improvement of cognition. Memory, the ability to process information and other factors are all associated with art for therapeutic benefits.

Reduce Stress and Depression

The process used with painting, dance and other arts is known to reduce stress, allowing those who work with the arts to have lower anxiety levels than others.

Improve Physical Recovery

When motion is used with the arts it improves physical recovery and assists with the overall healing that each individual needs.

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Stay in touch with us to find out how we are making a positive impact on the community with art and more. With our commitment to senior health, family happiness and community initiatives, we continue to support our surrounding for better wellness.