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Why BlueSea Care Services?

Because finding the right compassionate home care service for seniors goes beyond the franchise.

When hiring an independent, non-franchise senior home care services provider like BlueSea, you benefit from a personable, reachable, responsible and flexible in home senior care experience, knowing that the owner, Jillian Kennedy, is directly in charge of the wellbeing and wellness of your parents. As a privately owned and operated home care provider serving both Los Angeles and Orange Counties for approx. 10 years, BlueSea Care offers you the advantage of a personable, value based care experience:

● Home Care with a Purpose – Art to Wellness
● Owner operator case management
● Reliability and Flexibility
● Staff Accountability
● Peace of Mind and Security

Home Care Service with a Purpose – Art to Wellness

In addition to maintaining the highest quality standards for in home care for seniors, Jillian believes that Wellness is a fundamental objective for ageing well, particularly when it is art related. With that vision in mind, BlueSea launched its proprietary Art to Wellness program that leverages on the therapeutic benefits of art to help our loved ones stay emotionally and socially engaged. The results are heart Warming!

Case Management by the Owner

As an Irish Educated and Registered Nurse and the Owner of BlueSea, Jillian Kennedy puts 20+ years of medical experience at the service of your loved ones as she strives to personally help them age successfully through high in-home care quality standards complemented with added value wellness activities and holistic services at no extra cost.
Jillian supervises all the home care activities continuum for your loved ones, starting from conducting the free in home assessments in person, to designing and directing the case management plans, to following up on the activities of daily living. As well as regularly carrying out the home visits to ensure that your loved ones receive the best compassionate care they need and the respite you want.

Reliability and Flexibility

Jillian understands that your loved ones needs change so does their level of care and that’s why she is always available to discuss the available options that will make both her clients and their family members comfortable. Throughout the years, BlueSea has built a reputable network of senior care providers across South California providing unlimited resources and solutions to their clients.

Staff Accountability

With the assistance of her experienced team, Jillian recruits the most qualified home care aides, and she makes sure they receive additional specialty trainings that meet and exceed the industry standards to make sure that her senior clients’ receive the in home quality care they need.

The Value behind your Peace of Mind

There is a lot of value in knowing that the person in charge of managing your loved ones case is the owner and that she knows her Home Care Aides by name and that she personally makes sure that her senior care clients get their matching caregiver, right from day one so that you get your well-deserved peace of mind.

Our Services

The early introduction of in-home care services not only helps seniors stay emotionally and mentally younger and healthier,  but it also helps the family members enjoy company of a loved one who remains the active, engaged, and strong person they know and love.


Call today for your free in-home care assessment with our licensed case managers, and together we will craft a customized care plan that supports both you and your family’s health, safety, and wellness goals.


Wellness Corner

At BlueSea Care, Wellness starts with a smile!

Art to Wellness (TM)

Painting with Mom

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About Us

BlueSea Care Services proudly offers top-quality, non-medical in-home care for seniors, with an emphasis on compassionate respect, total wellness, and purposeful engagement. We are a bonded and licensed, CAHSAH-accredited, non-medical in-home care organization, and we’ve been serving the seniors in our community for the last 10 years.

Our team has a thorough understanding and appreciation of how senior care at home helps preserve independence and enhance quality of life. Our team combines education, training, and hands-on experience in order to deliver competent and compassionate care. We continuously evolve, adapt, and introduce innovative best practices in order to provide absolute in-home care services that enhance our clients’ lives.

We believe that, when we introduce non-medical in-home care services as soon as possible, we help your loved ones stay healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only does qualified in-home care benefit our clients, but it also helps family members enjoy the health and longevity of an active, engaged senior. Likewise, families gain peace of mind and feel empowered in that they help their loved ones remain comfortably at home.  Recently, we’ve seen that, when in-home care is complemented with simple and effective wellness activities, we can make a positive difference in the day-to-day quality of our clients’ lives.

We all want our senior parents and loved ones to remain young and strong forever. While we can’t stop the progression of time, we can help our seniors remain healthier, stronger, and more independent.


We are committed to delivering Absolute Senior In-Home Care services that promote mental, physical, and emotional wellness for our clients and their families. We are driven by our passion, our experience, and our determination towards tangible results that make sense and truly improve the quality of life of our clients. Our compassionate and engaged home-care aides strive for innovatively designed solutions that enhance the lives of seniors in our community.