Personalized Senior services for Independent Living

Home care assistance Los Angeles and early intervention helps seniors maintain their independence and peace of mind and also supports family members so they can continue to enjoy the company of a loved one who is engaged and active. Our proprietary Art to Wellness® is woven into all of our services to further enhance experiences with BlueSea Care.

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BlueSea Care Art to Wellness® is a proprietary art-based intervention program purposefully designed to enhance the day-to-day activities and social engagement of our clients through the therapeutic properties of the Arts. It provides calming, meaningful interaction, creative expression, and mental stimulation. All facets of our Art to Wellness® program, which includes music, dance, visual arts, and language arts including reading, writing and poetry, are designed and supervised by experienced behavior specialists as a part of our home care assistance Los Angeles.


Independence is a priority for most seniors; however, there are times when they need additional support. Our compassionate care givers are trained to help with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and completing household tasks, as well as provide companionship, transportation to appointments, meal preparation, medication reminders, and much more. Our goal is to support our clients and help them function with their day-to-day lives with our home care assistance Los Angeles.


Dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnosis increase year over year and BlueSea Care Services continues to provide skilled, experienced professionals who can help your loved ones manage the challenges ahead. Our aging specialists, such as gerontologists and behavioral specialists, implement customized case management plans, which often includes the integration of Art to Wellness® is our proprietary art integration program which has been scientifically proven to bring cognitive and therapeutic benefits to our patients with home care assistance Los Angeles.


Expedite recovery time by letting us coordinate transportation to and from doctor appointments in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County region, prepare healthy meals, and remind seniors of their medication schedule. We will gladly help communicate with doctors, assist with occupational and physical therapy at home and provide personal grooming while helping with daily routines


It’s often difficult for seniors to communicate their needs or feel supported while they are in the hospital.

BlueSea Care’s caregivers offer assistance while elders are in recovery phases. We stay with your family members so they remain comfortable and have extra support. You no longer need to worry if you can’t be there for your family members when they are hospitalized.

Know that BlueSea’s caregivers are always by their side!

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