About Our Dana Point Senior Art Classes

If you missed this painting, then join us with Carla Bates as we paint the stars and the moon. We will walk you through every step you need with our virtual Painting with Mom class.

Painting with Mom is a complimentary class, serving as Dana Point senior art classes and surrounding areas. It is designed to provide you with continuous support through creativity, connection, and the therapeutic benefits of the arts.

Painting with Mom is one of the activities of Art to Wellness® a proprietary program which assists with cognitive care through the therapeutic benefits of the arts.

Researchers have found that participation in artistic activities is able to provide support with cognitive care, especially for seniors who are facing Alzheimer’s and dementia. The motor to cognitive activities as well as the ability to follow certain cognitive responses all assist with different therapies.

Just as important, Painting with Mom is designed to reduce senior isolation by providing community interactions and activities. By painting with family and friends, it offers continuous connectivity while supporting mental health and emotional support.

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