If you are looking for Beverly Hills senior art classes, start by joining us virtually! We meet every Saturday with seniors and their families to paint with our local artists and to enjoy new versions of paintings to add to the home.

Our senior art classes are a branch of Art to Wellness®, a proprietary program for seniors and their families to support holistic needs for senior wellness. We believe in health for seniors and have developed a comprehensive program with behavioral specialists to identify the unique needs of seniors.

Art to Wellness® includes the following:

1. Reducing Senior Isolation. Our complementary Painting with Mom Classes is designed to reduce senior isolation. Research indicates that isolation causes seniors to lose their life force at a faster pace. By connecting the family and community together, it offers new health components to wellness.

2. Cognitive Health. There are therapeutic benefits to the arts, specifically relating to cognitive health and it’s capacity to provide support to those who are facing Alzheimer’s or dementia. Arts are known to support and assist in reducing issues with memory, motor-sensory applications, and other cognitive functions.

Listen to our podcast about the arts and brain health.

3. Emotional and Behavioral Support. By connecting to others in the community, seniors are able to experience emotional support from those in their surroundings. Our virtual classes are able to provide extra assistance by connecting with others and focusing on the needs of those in the community.

Learn more about our virtual senior art classes.

If you are in SoCal or in the surrounding areas, then please join us for our classes each Saturday at 10 AM. We are supporting every community with our Beverly Hills senior art classes by reaching out to every senior and having them join us for connection, community, and health.

BlueSea Care offers proprietary care to seniors and their families. Read more about our Beverly Hills senior home care.