Want to enjoy painting with our senior citizen art classes Seal Beach?

Recap our virtual class. If you missed this painting, then tap the video above and get the full instructions from the class. You will find guidance that allows you to make your next beautiful painting for you, friends, or family.

Why Painting with Mom?

Painting with Mom is a part of our commitment to our proprietary program, Arts to Wellness®. Click here to read more.

Art to Wellness® highlights the cognitive, emotional, and mental needs of seniors and their families. We focus on holistic solutions that are able to support the well-being of elders within the community.

Researchers have found that art has the capacity to stimulate cognitive activity and reduce or maintain issues with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Through intervention programs, seniors are able to experience mental and emotional stimulation to support their health.

Art is also a form which reduces senior isolation, specifically to assist with mood adjustment, behavioral needs, and to support a healthy lifestyle. Whether virtual or attending our senior citizen art classes Seal Beach, we are committed to supporting true, senior wellness.