Get ready for Halloween! This week, Gwen shows us how to paint pumpkins, just in time to celebrate the holidays. Follow this step-by-step guide and create your pumpkin patch to bring in the harvest for the year.

Follow the video below for complete instructions:

Painting with Mom is held virtually and is a part of our Huntington Beach senior art classes. We provide support to seniors and their families in the Southern California region with weekly, complementary, painting classes.

Our virtual classes are a staple of BlueSea Care, specifically as a component of Art to Wellness®. We are interested in promoting holistic wellness to seniors at every age, including physical, emotional, and mental support.

As an individual ages, it is essential to focus on lifestyle needs that one has. Healthy living includes comfortable living, cognitive care, social connectivity, emotional support, and complete, physical care.

Unlike many other Huntington Beach senior home care agencies, BlueSea Care focuses on complete and comprehensive care that is custom to every individual.

This means being equipped with caregivers that understand the diverse and unique needs of seniors and their families while supporting independence at home.

More important, our senior care programs highlight other needs, such as reducing senior isolation. By promoting and supporting lifestyle management and health among those who are working with BlueSea Care, there is the ability to provide complete support to seniors and their families, beginning with Huntington Beach senior art classes.

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