PRESS Release: Seal Beach, CA – August 20, 2020 — BlueSea Senior Care’s owner Jillian Kennedy announced today that her team has launched a podcast for seniors and their families. “The podcast spans a variety of important topics from home safety, brain health, grief management, mental health, Alzheimer’s disease care, art, and music therapy, optimism, and humor,” said Kennedy. “We hope everyone finds these podcasts informative and entertaining. We are interested in hearing from those from our community who have other topics they would like to have featured,” she added.

If you would like to register to receive the podcast or you have a topic in mind, email BlueSea at jillian (at) or call BlueSea at 888-814-0119.

Listen to the podcasts here.

As another part of its community outreach, BlueSea Care provides free painting classes as a socialization outlet for seniors. The program is called Painting With Mom but dads are welcome too. The City of Seal Beach provides Fire Station #48 as a venue for the class, which has gone online until further notice. Those interested in registering for the Saturday weekly class can do so by joining here.

The City of Seal Beach recently presented BlueSea Care Services with a Proclamation for their “art-based intervention program that is rooted in the arts and focused on the social reintegration of seniors in the community.” The City also commended the senior care provider for not only their core services but also their “commitment to supporting the community with holistic wellness.”

During COVID-19, BlueSea Care has taken the following precautions to ensure the safety of their senior clients and their caregivers:

  1. Protective Equipment. We know that masks, gloves, and other protective equipment assist with the care that each caregiver needs. Supplies for our staff and for those who are still performing in the field are being supplied to those in need continuously.
  2. Hygienic Interactions. Hand washing, sanitization, and other measures are a part of the training of each caregiver. BlueSea continues to follow these protocols. More important, when going into someone’s home, we double our efforts to make sure your home remains sanitized and safe.
  3. Monitoring. Caregivers are asked to perform self-monitoring in the case of symptoms. All caregivers who start to experience any lower amounts of immunity are asked to stay home. We understand that we are working with a vulnerable population and take extra care for caregivers to care for themselves as well.
  4. Family Check-Ins. Anyone receiving assistance from BlueSea Care at this time from our caregivers is also receiving extra support with check-ins. From sanitization to extra tasks, we are making sure that social distancing procedures do not lead to mental health risks. All caregivers are asked to ensure that everyone receives extra assistance and support during this time.

Read the complete protocol here.

“BlueSea Care has taken the extra time and measures to safeguard each individual while practicing social distancing, and supporting their emotional and mental well-being, which are tied to physical health,” said Kennedy.

“The frontline that we see today is one based around wellness, caring, and connecting together to make our lives better for each other. We thank our licensed caregivers for all they do to help us carry out our mission to serve seniors safely at home.”