As we come into a different phase of Covid-19, it’s up to each of us to begin moving toward a recovery phase. Seal Beach is leading the way with its new program, “Hold Fast Seal Beach.” We speak with Deb Machen about the ways you can support local businesses, such as with Seal Beach senior care, restaurants, shops, salons, and more.

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What Is Hold Fast Seal Beach?

Covid-19 has taken a toll on US cities, especially with businesses and the economy. Seal Beach has taken a stand to let everyone know that precautions are in place and customers can support Seal Beach businesses once again.

Deb Machen explains the program and the introduction of “Hold Fast Seal Beach.” The city has a desire to support businesses and launched a local campaign to highlight what businesses need.

Deb stated that Hold Fast was inspired because of the recognition of how much businesses have suffered and what it would require to pivot the circumstances. The nautical term, Hold Fast, was used to bear down and fight through the storm.

Hold Fast. Stay True. You will not only survive the storm but will also be stronger by making it through.

How Can You Participate?

From September 1st to the 15th, all you need to do is the following:

  • Visit the business
  • Snap a photo
  • Upload the photo to social media (Facebook or Instagram)
  • Add in the tag: #HoldFastSB

Whoever wins the contest will receive $50 to a local business.

The winner will be announced on Facebook live at the local police station at 11 AM. Follow and like the Seal Beach City to see who wins!

Whenever you are ready, Seal Beach businesses are ready for you. Shop local and support businesses that are starting to recover from Covid-19.

Participate with BlueSea Care

Support BlueSea Care as we join in to be a part of the recovery of Seal Beach. We will be providing free paint by kit numbers to promote the Art to Wellness® program to support cognitive health and the reduction of senior isolation. Art to Wellness® is a part of the Seal Beach senior care services and extends to Painting with Mom, a complimentary class to the community, as well as experiencing the therapeutic benefits of the arts through our caregivers.

Feel free to stop by our office at 209 1/2 Main Street and pick up your art painting kit and ask for the Hold Fast Seal Beach gift!