On the 27th of July, 2020, BlueSea Care was awarded a Proclamation from the City of Seal Beach, specifically because of their unique services relating to Art to Wellness®. The program they were awarded for is inclusive of Seal Beach home care, arts programs for cognitive care, and BlueSea’s commitment to wellness at every stage of life.

Committed to Wellness At Every Stage of Life

The first highlight offered by Seal Beach through the proclamation was associated with the commitment to wellness that BlueSea Care provides.

WHEREAS, BlueSea is a Home Care provider for Seniors and is committed to wellness at every stage of life; to support a sense of independence and wellbeing; and to offer Art to Wellness® programs to the community;

The City of Seal Beach gracefully recognized the central services of BlueSea Care. They highlighted the comprehensive care programs which are provided and which differ BlueSea from other providers.

The comprehensive care management offered by BlueSea Care is inclusive of a holistic approach that focuses on the emotional, mental, and physical needs of all those who receive Seal Beach senior care.

Those who work with those at BlueSea receive an initial assessment, combined with a customized program that looks deeply at the needs of seniors and their families for Seal Beach home care.

Bringing In the Therapeutic Benefits of the Arts

The Proclamation from the City of Seal Beach continued with the capacity to focus on art-based interventions and the ability to provide Art to Wellness® programs.

WHEREAS, BlueSea Care Services Art to Wellness® is a proprietary art-based intervention program that is rooted in the Arts and focused on the social reintegration of Seniors in the community, safely; and, …

WHEREAS, BlueSea Care Services Art to Wellness® programs are developed and supervised by experienced behavior specialists and purposefully designed to engage Seniors on cognitive care and social levels while enhancing their lives, furthering our mission to provide innovative senior care with holistic approaches; and,

WHEREAS, BlueSea Care Services Art to Wellness® have provided person-centered, art-based intervention programs for more than five (5) years to help reduce isolation among seniors in the community;

The art intervention provided by BlueSea Care is highlighted with community programs for socialization and therapeutic benefits. It is also rooted in individual needs with the arts that allow those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s to have management options for assistance.

The Art to Wellness® program was created through behavioral specialists to highlight intervention for those suffering from cognitive health issues. It is further backed by research that points out the importance of the arts for therapy and the capacity for it to assist with those who require support with cognitive needs.

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Reducing Senior Isolation and Putting Community First

A committed part of the Seal Beach senior care provided by BlueSea Care is related to the understanding of social isolation and connectivity among seniors. BlueSea Care understands the importance of connectivity among seniors to reduce senior isolation. As a result, BlueSea Care has created senior art classes to assist seniors, both with the therapeutic benefits of the arts and to connect seniors together.

WHEREAS, an important feature of our Art to Wellness® is providing Painting with Mom classes delivered free of charge to Seniors in the community, which encourages participants to engage in, therapeutic, safe, and guided group activities that support creative expression and socialization;

This highlights an important part of caring that BlueSea Care is committed to, specifically by offering complimentary classes to the community. It is recognized by our specialists that social isolation for seniors is problematic in prolonging health and life, while the art classes allow seniors to reconnect to families and the community.

More importantly, the art classes are designed to assist with the therapeutic benefits of the arts, allowing seniors to continuously receive support and care from the Seal Beach home care services.

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Going Virtual For Senior Safety

When Covid-19 impacted the Seal Beach community, BlueSea Care immediately responded, both with protocol-based services and by offering virtual classes to the community. Painting with Mom was placed online to assist seniors to continuously remain connected, despite the circumstances.

WHEREAS, BlueSea Care Services Art to Wellness® continues to deliver Painting with Mom classes to isolated seniors while in-person groups remain unsafe, by utilizing virtual platforms to help give Seniors a sense of community and give aid to the family members online.

The highlight from the City of Seal Beach points out the importance of bringing seniors together and remaining social. At the same time, the approach to safety for vulnerable populations was put into place, allowing the community to respond to the virtual world to remain healthy and safe.

BlueSea Care would like to thank the City of Seal Beach for the recognition and the proclamation! We are proud to continue to provide holistic care services to the community and beyond while focusing on social isolation, therapeutic benefits of the arts, cognitive, physical, and emotional care for seniors, allowing them to reach complete wellness.