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Security, peace of mind, and independence are the focus at BlueSea Care. We make sure that your family is supported so you can continue to enjoy your time together. Receive personalized care from our caregivers, specializing in cutting-edge approaches for holistic wellness. Our senior home care Laguna Beach is customized to your needs. We integrate our proprietary program, Art to Wellness®, to further provide compassion and care to your home.

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BlueSea Care Art to Wellness® is a cutting-edge program designed with art as a central therapeutic benefit. We focus on daily activities that assist with cognitive care while using the arts as well as social engagement through complementary programs, such as Painting with Mom. Our integrative program has been adopted by behavior specialists and researchers who have identified the therapeutic properties of the arts as a practice in wellness for Laguna Beach senior home care. We use these programs for complete family support.


Compassion comes first at BlueSea Care. We understand that a combination of independence and safety is the priority for seniors and their families. We focus on the requests of seniors while offering assistance with daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, household tasks, appointments, meal preparation, and medication reminders. Our Laguna Beach senior home care combines day-to-day living tasks with the understanding of what every senior expects to remain comfortable while at home.


If your loved one has been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, then it is important they receive professional, compassionate care. BlueSea Care has several professionals who are experienced and knowledgable with cognitive care needs. We have worked with aging specialists, gerontologists, and behavioral specialists to create custom and personalized plans based on case management. Our focus is to create a holistic and integrated program that assists with the cognitive and physical care your loved one needs.


There are many phases of a surgery and the applications which are required afterwards. Whether you have a loved one who requires medication or needs to comply with doctor appointments for recovery, we can help. Our assistance expands to meal preparation, medication RX and communication with doctors. Our senior home care Lagunage Beach also provides occupational and physical therapy at home and assistance with daily routines to assist with recovery.


From communication support to extra compassion, we are there for seniors when you can’t be. We understand how difficult it is for someone to feel supported while at the hospital.

When a senior is focused on recovery, it is important that they receive assistance. BlueSea Care stays with your family members for support, comfort and to make sure their needs are communicated to those who are responsible for their daily care. As a part of our senior home care Laguna Beach, we make sure we provide extra support.

Know that BlueSea’s caregivers are always by their side!

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