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With early intervention and holistic cre, seniors are able to maintain safety, security and independence. Our senior in-home services Huntington Beach support the needs of seniors and their families while providing responsive and personalized care. The benefits of BlueSea Care extend to our proprietary Art to Wellness® program to support cognitive and emotional well-being, connections to the community and family.

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BlueSea Care Art to Wellness® uses the therapeutic properties of the arts for seniors and their families. This is a proprietary art-based intervention program to support wellness and successful aging. The arts are proven to create wellness with reduced stress, mental stimulation and balance. More important, creative expression within the community offers social interactions that support peace of mind. All facets of our Art to Wellness® program are brought with the assistance of experienced behavior specialists and are an integrative part of our senior in-home care Huntington Beach.


Most seniors who maintain a sense of wellness also desire to remain independent. Offering a balance between their comfort and needs is our priority. BlueSea Care’s trained compassionate caregivers are able to assist with daily tasks while providing additional support to seniors. Our services include bathing, dressing, and completing household tasks,transportation to appointments, meal preparation, medication reminders, and much more. Not omly are we interested in daily needs, but focus on compassion with our senior in-home care services Huntington Beach with emotional and mental support.


BlueSea Care focuses on aging specialists that use cutting-edge approaches to assist your loved ones. We understand the complexities of dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Our practitioners, including behavioral specialists and gerontologists, are able to provide extended support and care. We bring extra cognitive and therapeutic benefits to our senior in-home care services Huntington Beach to support the unique and personalized needs of your loved ones.


From communication with doctors to medication adherence, we support the needs for wellness among elders. For both emergency needs and appointments, our caregivers can assist with coordinated transportation, meal preparation and medication reminders. Our services range from compliance with doctor expectations to support with physical and occupational therapy at home for advanced senior in-home care services Huntginton Beach.


A difficult time for every senior is with admission to a hospital, especially with communication and support which is required during these emergency moments.

From basic assistance to recovery based support, BlueSea Care’s caregivers are able to stay by your family members side for extra support. We make sure that all needs are cared for and they receive the companionship and assistance while you are away. Our in-home care services Huntington Beach are designed to keep your family together, even in more difficult situations, by providing extra companion care.

Know that BlueSea’s caregivers are always by their side!

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