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The focus of every caregiver at BlueSea Care is to provide early intervention and a sense of wellness for seniors and their families. Our Santa Monica senior home care assists seniors and their families with a sense of security and safety. Our approach with compassionate care is designed to offer physical and cogmitive support. Our programs for complete care include Art to Wellness®, specifically using the therapeutic benefits of the arts and alternative interventions for cognitive, physical and emotional support for semiors and their families.

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Santa Monica senior home care not only serves physical needs, but extends to our proprietary program, Art to Wellness®. BlueSea Care uses the therapeutic benefits of the arts to offer cognitive support, combined with emotional and physical results from our therapeutic programs. Our successful aging approach assist with various forms of wellness. Compassionate caregivers are able to offer complete care with our program, designed with behavioral specialists.


Every senior deserves to have a sense of independence and comfort. Maintaining a life of wellness is the priority of our compassionate caregivers at BlueSea Care. We focus on security as well as compassion for your loved ones. Our trained professionals assist with bathing, dressing, transportation for appointments, household tasks, meal preparation and medication reminders. For complete assistance with Santa Monica senior home care, you can turn to our caregivers for support.


Our compassionate caregivers focus on holistic care for your loved ones. BlueSea Care uses integrative and holistic approaches for your loved ones. Our complete care is inclusive of memory care to assist with complex issues, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. BlueSea Care has worked with behaioral specialists to gerontologists, specifically to create comprehensive programs for cognitive care.


BlueSea Care’s caregivers provide assistance with medication adherence. We focus on coordination with doctors and prescriptions to emergencies, specifically to focus on the wellness of your loved ones. From basic care to transportation and meal preparation, our Santa Monica senior home care is able to provde support. Our compliance with medical appointments combine with physical to occupational therapy to offer the support you need.


Let any emergency or hospital recovery time have the proper care for seniors that are in your life.

Our Santa Monica senior home care understands the specialized needs of seniors who require care while hospitalized. We stay by your loved ones until they recover while offering extra support and care for seniors who are going through recovery. We make sure that your family is cared for while you are away and give extra support to those who require assistance while in the hospital.

Know that BlueSea’s caregivers are always by their side!

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