Every senior has the right to maintain their independence. If you have a loved one that needs extra care while staying at home, then BlueSea Care is here to help. We support family members and allow you to enjoy the time you have with your family while making sure that the extra needs they have are cared for. Our services extend to holistic approaches with our proprietary Art to Wellness® program, offering arts with therapeutic benefits for cognitive care.

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BlueSea Care Art to Wellness® was created because of the need for seniors to maintain a sense of cognitive wellness. With the use of behavior specialists, we have created a program to assist with physical and cognitive care with research driven approaches to the arts. Our program supports the daily activities of seniors while improving their overall wellness. Our complimentary community program, Painting with Mom, furthers this with seniors and their families coming together to paint. Through our senior home care Newport Beach and supported artistic programs, we are able to provide well-rounded support.


Every individual at every age deserves to maintain a sense of comfort and independence. If there is the inability to perform specific, daily tasks, then BlueSea Care can help. Our professionally trained caregivers are able to provide support with daily tasks for seniors, including bathing, dressing, household tasks, transportation, meals and medication reminders. We focus on compassionate care first for senior home care Newport Beach while allowing them to stay comfortable and safe.


Cognitive complexities are often seen among seniors and continue to increase on a yearly basis. If your loved one is suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s diagnosis, then we can help. Our integrated program, Art to Wellness®, has been developed by aging specialists, gerontologists and behavioral specialists. It uses the art as a supplement to increase cognitive responsiveness while providing therapeutic benefits for mind and body. Our program is inclusive of custom case management plans to ensure that your family member receives the proper support with senior home care Newport Beach.


Our senior home care Newport Beach extends to medical care and adherence. From appointment setting and transportation to medical reminders, we make sure that recovery time continues at an accelerated pace. Our caregivers are not only trained with dietary and medication based needs. BlueSea Care also provides occupational and physical therapy to support the recovery of your loved ones.


If your loved one has been diagnosed to remain in the hospital, then make sure they receive the best care.

Our caregivers understand how important it is to have companion care, support for communication and assistance while elders are recovering. We make sure that their needs are met while hospitalized to assist with faster recovery times and support with senior home care Newport Beach.

Know that BlueSea’s caregivers are always by their side!

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