Our aging specialists understand that staying at home for seniors allows them to live longer and to maintain their wellness. BlueSea Care’s senior home care Rancho Palo Verdes is designed to assist elders, allowing them to maintain their independence and comfort while providing them with the extra assistance with daily tasks to cognitive support. Our programs, including our proprietary Art to Wellness®, offers dedicated and holistic compassionate care for seniors.

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BlueSea Care Art to Wellness® offers a cutting-edge and purposefully designed program using the therapeutic benefits of the arts. Our proram was created with the assistance of experienced behavior specialists. It is a multi-layered program, working first with the cognitive and physical care of elders to receive support through the arts. Our complimentary program, Painting with Mom, brings families and communities together to experience social wellness while connecting to others as a part of our senior home care Rancho Palo Verdes.


Seniors deserve to have support and care they need, despite the conditions they are in. BlueSea Care supports them in maintaining independence and comfort by staying at home. Our licensed and professional caregivers understand how to assist with daily tasks, medication, household requirements, bathing, dressing and transportation. We expand our services for senior wellness with cognitive support and compassionate care for senior home care Rancho Palo Verdes.


BlueSea Care’s Services expand beyond basic, daily tasks that are based on physical needs. We understand that complex issues, such as Dementia and Alzhiemer’s may interfere with comfort and independence. As symptoms begin to increase, we make sure that our licensed, skilled caregivers are able to support your loved ones. We have combined compassionate care with Art to Wellness, developed by aging specialists, gerontologists and behavioral specialists. We utilize the therapeutic properties of the arts to support patients with cognitive care during senior home care Rancho Palo Verdes.


Often, seniors are unable to accelerate their recovery after a fall or hospital visit. Our trained caregivers ensure that they continue to move onto a faster track to wellness. Our assistance is inclusive of doctor appointments, transportation, medical reminders and dietary based meals. Our caregivers for senior home care Rancho Palo Verdes also assist with personal grooming, daily routines, occupational and physical therapy.


If your loved one is at a hospital, then it is essential to provide them with continued care for their safety and comfort.

From communication needs to comfort and safety, BlueSea Care’s caregivers support elders while they are in recovery phases. We stay by their bed side to make sure they maintain peace of mind and so you know their wellness is being prioritized while away from home.

Know that BlueSea’s caregivers are always by their side!

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