Huntington Beach Senior Art Classes

Join us virtually for our Huntington Beach senior art classes. We are providing support to seniors and their families through Painting with Mom, a complementary class designed to support the well-being of seniors.

Register virtually by clicking here.

Our Huntington Beach senior art classes are designed to support you and the surrounding community. We provide support for seniors and their families with our classes as well as our senior in-home care.

Art to Wellness® is a proprietary program designed to support wellness of seniors and their families.

We focus on reducing isolation of seniors through community connections, specifically to support emotional and mental support for seniors and their families.

Our focus with Art to Wellness® is also inclusive of programs for seniors, specifically to experience the therapeutic benefits of the arts. Our program was developed by behavioral specialists who understand the importance of wellness programs for cognitive care.

Our caregivers are able to provide support for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as those who are suffering from cognitive impairment. Through this approach, we are able to identify ways for a state of well-being for every senior and their loved ones.

Our cognitive care programs are specifically designed to work in conjuction with daily tasks, medication reminders, and physical wellness programs for seniors and their families.

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