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There are many misconceptions when it comes to seniors and their use of technology. As those who are 65+ didn’t grow up in a technological age, many suspect that older adults and technology use is not at high levels of adaptation.

But with changes in senior community needs as well as connectivity, all research points to the opposite assumption that showcases the adaptability and resilience of the older generation – they are embracing technology, sometimes faster, than any other generation.

How Many Older Adults Are Using Technology?

Among all social media avenues as well as for searches, seniors are showing that their adaptation and use of technology is as high (if not higher) than every other generation.

According to Pew Research, over 80% of seniors own a smartphone, and the adaptation levels are growing. It was also found that over 67% of elders go online regularly for activities and to connect with others.

And social networking for those 65 and over? It’s over 50% of the population that has adapted to Facebook, Twitter, and other large sites that keep everyone connected.

Technology Use and Health

As the COVID outbreak has led to isolation and divisions, the connectivity and capacity of older adults and technology use have steadily increased.

Many researchers have stated that the growth of telehealth, as well as the ability to connect for information to doctors, is partial because of seniors who want or need to check in but can’t get to an appointment.

This adaptation is allowing seniors to have new breakthroughs with the use of video technologies, social media, online appointments and the ability to stay connected – even when isolation and health issues may seem to be a concern.

Technology to Combat Senior Isolation

older adults and technology use

Not only has BlueSea Care in Seal Beach noticed the fast adaptability of older adults and technology use. We are embracing the change with you. We know that it brings support for health and wellness while providing seniors with more options to maintain their health.

When the COVID outbreak began, we immediately went virtual, with the understanding that social isolation and mental health was just as important as remaining isolated and in your home.

The growth of the community continues each week, with families celebrating birthdays, seniors connecting to the community, and everyone coming together to paint a new look for their home.

The approach reduces senior isolation, increases cognitive care, and allows everyone in the community to stay connected – even at a distance.

And what we’ve noticed – seniors are one of the fastest and most studious learners of new technologies. Their ability to plug into new apps, work on video, and efficiently stay connected in with us has allowed everyone to enjoy more Painting with Mom classes, without being interrupted by social distancing.

New Opportunities for Seniors

With the growth and adaptation of seniors to technology, what is next for seniors who are taking the initiative to learn the new technologies and embrace them as their own?

As technology continues to grow, seniors will be able to keep up with and adapt to the mainstream. That means information, social media, eCommerce, and other forms of being online will belong to seniors as much as the rest of the world.

That allows older adults and technology used to look deeper into possibilities such as telehealth, senior communities, and virtual space that embraces seniors’ activities that they can use while they are online.

And, it means that seniors who are adapting at a rapid pace will find new ways to stay healthy by continuing to reduce isolation and increase options for cognitive care.

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