From Coping to Care: Expert Advice for Complete Well-Being, offers advice for those interested in maintaining and developing their health. Our podcast highlights the needs of those in the community, specifically among elders and families at large. Our senior in-home caregivers and approaches at BlueSea Care highlight the needs of those who are looking to maintain their wellness – physically, mentally and emotionally.

This week, we speak with Anne Iarchy, who specializes in weightloss and complete well-being.Anne Iarchy is a weight loss and healthy lifestyle coach, helping self-employed women to regain energy, confidence, and self-esteem. Anne walks us through her journey of being in the corporate world where she struggled with weight and well-being. She moved into a complete career and lifestyle change, developing a 5 step system to help others feel fulfilled and healthy.

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About Anne Iarchy’s Interview for Maintaining Health

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Anne’s focus is on living a healthy lifestyle and the ability to maintain healthy, happy, well-being.

Her first suggestion was related to Covid-19 and how to stay healthy. Her advice was to keep moving and to exercise at least once a day while getting fresh air. She also highlighted the research – Vitamin D and sunshine with the outdoors helps with your health. Anne also noted that healthy food, relaxation and contact with others were massively important.

She began her path about staying healthy with her own struggles in the corporate world. Her belief system was that she was too busy to be healthy and there was no time to take care of herself. Eating out, eating the wrong things, not exercising and not feeling that she had the time to exercise took over her ability to take care of herself.

Anne’s 5 Step System for Health

Anne originally thought that exercise and diet would take care of staying healthy. She realized that this wasn’t the root of the issue. We all know that we should be doing this, but we often don’t do it. Her journey was to find out what blocks us from doing the right things and what we can do to change that approach.

She realized that habits, thinking, and mindset was the root of the issues. She also found out that sleep and stress were deeply embedded in not being able to get the right balance with health and were a part of the problem with weight gain and not feeling healthy.

The 5 aspects that Anne focuses on are habits, mindset, nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep. She has found that these worked to change her life and allowed her to break through with weight, confidence, self-esteem, energy, and complete well-being of how one feels within themselves.

Anne recognizes that weight loss is just a by-product of living a healthy lifestyle, which means following these 5 steps.

How Do You Change Your Mindset?

In a deeper dive with Anne, she brought out the mindset and why this was an important part of the 5 steps. The issue she saw was that most look to someone else to tell us how to be healthy and what to do. Her findings – it has to come from within.

Looking inside yourself, trying to understand why you do certain things and not comparing yourself to others, identifying self-talk, and how we associate with our complete being in the center of mindset.

By being in control of our own actions and that we are making choices, especially with our own identity and way of doing things is the most important approach we can use to becoming healthy in all areas of life. This includes working with senior in-home caregivers.

Awareness and understanding of doing certain things is a part of the changes which need to take place when relating to self-care.

Today, self-care is the most important part of what we need, especially with the current circumstances. Anne also points out that we can’t be the best person for ourselves and others if we don’t take care of ourselves first.

What Do You Do For Self-Care?

Anne highlights exactly what you need to do for self-care: start a routine that supports who you are.

If you have healthy habits, then self-care will take place. Take 10 minutes at certain times of the day to do something for yourself. Read a book before you go to bed. Instore new routines that you can do on a regular basis and remember that as selfish as it may seem, you come first.

If you’re not the best person, it has a ripple effect on life, work, everyone and everything.

Anne has recently published a book about her findings and what we need to know to maintain and build a completely healthy lifestyle, including your own plan on what you need to do to build your own health.

You can find out more about this by visiting Anne’s website.

Senior In-Home Caregivers And Their Well-Being

We asked Anne about her thoughts with senior well-being and what they could do, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

She asked that seniors, as well as everyone, find a routine instead of not doing anything. That means sticking to a time schedule for sleep and waking, making sure that everyone eats well, and to continue moving. Exercise classes on YouTube for seniors, as well as easier ways to keep moving, can all help. It only takes 10 – 15 minutes of movement to assist with your well-being. If you can use technology to stay in touch with others, it is also important.

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