The sudden emergency of Covid-19 left many in a state of uncertainty and unrest. As we are learning how to fight the Coronavirus, it is also showcasing those who are the most dedicated to making sure everyone receives assistance at this time.

Caregivers, health workers, nurses and doctors deserve a space to be honored for their hard work, dedication and willingness to place their lives on the line everyday to fight the virus as it hits the global community.

From the UN to Health Leaders Media, every outlet is now recognizing that the caregivers are the frontline of the battle against Covid-19. The risks they are currently taking and their dedication to assist all of us to lead happier and healthier lives past the pandemic is one which we must all recognize.

The frontlines of Covid-19 is founded with healthcare workers and caregivers. Each day, they risk their lives and wellness to make sure that the demands for our health is met.

Despite required social distancing, expectations for individuals to remain in self-isolation and the preventative measures taking place, caregivers are now being called to duty and are at the center of assistance for our well-being.

As we remain in our homes and apart for the sake of health, caregivers are continuing to connect, honoring the health and care we all need to continue to maintain a sense of safety.

BlueSea Care’s Response to Caregiver Safety

We are making sure that the caregivers working with BlueSea Care receive the attention and care they also need. We know that a part of our job is to make sure that each caregiver is also looking at the self-care they need, especially during these times.

While the virus can spread quickly, we know that care for each other and for the self can also spread. We are taking every measure possible to make sure that caregivers are mentally and physically in check while continuously monitoring and supporting their physical and mental needs.

Not only are we looking after our caregivers like family, but also make sure the following regulations are followed by each of our caregivers:

  1. Protective Gear. We know that masks, gloves and other protective gear assists with the care that each caregiver needs. Supplies for our staff and for those who are still performing in the field are constantly being supplied to those in need.
  2. Hygenic Interactions. Hand washing, sanitization and other measures are a part of the training of each caregiver. We make sure that we continue to follow these protocols. More important, when going into someone’s home, we double efforts to make sure your home remains sanitized and safe.
  3. Monitoring. Caregivers are asked to perform self-monitoring in the case of symptoms. All caregivers who start to experience any lower amounts of immunity are asked to stay home. We understand that we are working with a vulnerable population and take extra care for caregivers to care for themselves as well.
  4. Family Check-Ins. Anyone receiving assistance from BlueSea Care at this time from our caregivers is also receiving extra support with check-ins. From sanitization to extra tasks, we are making sure that the social distancing procedures do not lead to mental health risks. All caregivers are asked to make sure that everyone receives extra assistance and support during this time.

Thank You, Caregivers, For Your Dedication

It’s not only the protocols that caregivers are following that deserves the special attention and thank you for the work that they are doing within BlueSea Care and beyond.

It is also seeing how the caregivers are able to assist with our wellness. As we move through this time, they are the soldiers that are looking at our physical health, making sure that any outbreak or signs is treated and cared for soon enough while giving the attention needed.

The caregivers are also looking at our mental health. We know that BlueSea Care is taking extra time and measures to make sure that each individual, while practicing social distancing, still receives support for their emotional and mental well-being.

The frontline that we see today is one based around wellness, caring and connecting together to make our lives better for each other.

The caregivers are the leaders that are showing the way with their fearless dedication to flatten the curve of Covid-19 and reminding us all of the importance of our wellness.