Coronavirus caregiving

In the beginning of January, 2020, an outbreak of the Coronavirus was announced, hitting Asian regions and being noted as a highly volatile virus. The highly contagious virus has now become a global issue, leading many to re-consider health options.

If you are in Southern California, then there are requirements to stay at home, especially as a senior and to self-quarantine for 14 days. Other concepts are being looked at to try to slow down the virus and to maintain a state of wellness during the crisis.

Understanding what the virus is and knowing what your options are for Coronavirus caregiving will help you to find peace of mind during this outbreak.

What Is Covid – 19?

The Coronavirus has been defined by the World Health Organization based on it’s specific symptoms. It is known to be a part of a family of viruses that create illness that range from a common cold to severe diseases. Outbreaks with SARS – CoV and MERS – CoV are a part of the same strain of Covid – 19.

Those who have this virus strand will experience the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Common Cold Symptoms

The Covid-19 strand is known to impact the respiratory system first, leading to the strand symptoms.

It has also been noted that the virus does not contain all the symptoms. Some will be mild while others will require hospitalization as it accumulates.

The recovery time for Covid – 19 is an average of 14 days. There is currently no vaccine for the virus, meaning individuals need to take extra care to boost their immunity and take pre-cautionary steps against getting the virus.

Coronavirus caregiving

How You Can Prevent Getting Covid-19

As there are currently no vaccinations or complete cures for Covid – 19, it is essential that every senior takes preventative methods to ward off the disease. Using Coronavirus caregiving can assist with the maintenance your body needs to alleviate symptoms of the virus.

To begin with prevention, it is essential to understand how the virus spreads and how to protect yourself from the spread. At this time, most have called on social distancing to slow the virus and to lessen the impact on the community as a whole. This is related to the known facts about the spread of the disease.

According to the CDC on Covid – 19 there are known causes of the virus and how it spreads, as follows.

  1. Person to person. The contagious aspect of the disease is from a person – person transfer. It is stated that a 6 foot radius with someone who has contracted the virus can cause the spread of Covid – 19.
  2. Respiratory issues. If someone coughs or sneezes and they are within 6 feet of you, it is possible to contract the virus.
  3. Contamination. Most are asking individuals to wash their hands if they are in a surface that is public. This is because surfaces can carry the infection and continue to cause issues that surface. Not touching your face and not using public items which may not be sanitized is essential at this time for prevention.

While most sources state that it is possible to have mild conditions with Covid – 19, there are populations that are high risk, including seniors. A compromised immune system can lead to acceleration of the virus and complications with both a prevention and a cure.

Coronavirus Caregiving and It’s Impact Among Seniors

California caregivers for Coronavirus

Senior care and wellness is the priority of BlueSea Care. With the Covid – 19 outbreak, it is important that seniors take several parts of their wellness into consideration.

A part of the pandemic which is changing the needed care is with senior living facilities as well as the need to have in-home care. A part of the attempt to stop the spread of the virus also has led to senior care centers limiting social connections and is leading to distancing.

Most assisted living communities, because of their risk with the virus, have banned groups of more than 100 people from being in the same vicinity. This means that large groups in assisted living are restricting activities as well as their capacity to remain in the facilities.

Not only are the communities creating a high risk issue, but seniors who are unable to travel because of exposure to the virus are experiencing complications. Visitations are restricted as well as activities.

Safety protocols in assisted living, while being reinforced, are difficult to provide. A large number of individuals in the same vicinity creates high vulnerability rates with difficulties in social isolation.

Looking at Coronavirus caregiving alternatives, especially in the State of California, may assist in alleviating some of these issues.

BlueSea Care’s Fast Response System

To stop the spread of Covid – 19, BlueSea Care is offering a fast response program, giving seniors who are required to go into social distancing the proper care needed during these times.

BlueSea Care is continuing to monitor the well-being of caregivers, following a strict protocol with the outbreak of the virus.

To read about our process for Coronavirus prevention for caregivers, click here.

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Benefits of Working with Coronavirus Caregiving Services

There are several benefits of working with Coronavirus caregiving, especially if you require immediate assistance and wish to follow the protocols for prevention. BlueSea Care assists with meeting these protocols and making sure you maintain your health during this time.

  1. Social Distancing. By working with caregiving for in-home care in California, you have social distancing. While a caregiver is working with you, they follow protocol for prevention and have little to no contact that would cause the spread of the virus. More important, their ability to assist with seniors who are requested to isolate will help you to prevent contracting the virus.
  2. Errands and Grocery Shopping. The most vulnerable spaces for seniors are in public spaces that may have more contact. A caregiver who provides services to assist with or against the Coronavirus will protect you from circumstances that make you vulnerable to contracting the disease.
  3. Medication RX. If you need medications, a caregiver will be able to assist you by going to the pharmacy and picking up or renewing medications, allowing you to stay safe from getting the virus.
  4. Caregiver Activities. If social isolation is problematic, a caregiver can assist in alleviating the discomfort that comes with social distancing. BlueSea Care is also providing extra online activities during this time to make sure we all stay connected.

While safety is the new norm at this time, it is understood that seniors require care as well as protection with their health. Our fast response system assists with navigating through these times and getting the assistance that you need.

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