Recently the United States has developed a spread of coronavirus (covis-19). Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable groups to undergo complications which result from exposure to others.

Due to the recent developments and the outbreak in the States, BlueSea Care Services is implementing precautionary tactics in order to prevent possible outbreak of illness. We are striving to continue our care for elderly populations by keeping them as healthy as we possibly can—this means doing what we can to stop the spread of germs and bacteria amid recent viral outbreaks.

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In general, elders, families, and our staff members should adhere to appropriate precautions until the risk of secondary transmission is thought to be low. Because current information on the transmission of coronavirus is limited, home precautions are conservative and are based on general recommendations for similar respiratory viruses. However, due to the development on the West Coast, we feel necessary to enact the following procedures.

In order to prepare for elder care exposure, BlueSea Care Services is taking the following actions:

  • Reaching out to the health department to seek advice and updates regarding the virus.
  • Enforcing frequent sanitation among staff and visitors, such as washing of hands.
  • Limiting meals in community environments.
  • Limiting activities that bring people together.
  • Asking family members who are sick to avoid in-person visits.
  • Avoiding unnecessary skin-to-skin contact.
  • Employees who feel unwell are to stay home from shifts
  • In-home hand sanitizers and gloves to be available in client’s homes
  • In case of extreme emergency, we may consider limiting providers exposure to elder care facilities or those living in close group living environments.

Have questions regarding the CDC, Coronavirus update, or our implementation plans?