When you are looking at caregiving, there are questions of whether to pick a private caregiver or an agency. Finding senior caregivers in Malibu requires looking for the right type of caregiver and support.

Considering Becoming a Private Caregiver?

The initial approach many take is to take care of their parents full time. If they need basic assistance with food, mobility and daily tasks, it may seem simple. However, unless you work full time, this can lead to issues with time as well as understanding what is needed.

Many experts state that becoming a private caregiver is a “slippery slope.” It works initially as basic caregiving in the home. However, this will increase over time and your family members may require more than what seems to be the basics. The end often becomes burnout, resentment and family conflict.

Looking for senior caregivers in Malibu that are with an agency changes the burnout that you may experience. If you are justifying the private caregiving, then it may seem like daily tasks are easy to handle.

Your family will not only require tasks or housekeeping. Medical, emotional, community and lifestyle demands from elder care will increase over time, leading to more strain. When a semior begims to express the stress to their family or support group, it increases the stress levels and leads to a negative impact with physical health.

Practical Issues With Private Caregiving

The daily tasks and other demands with private caregiving also have other expectations that must be met. If you hire a private caregiver outside of the home, then you should follow this checklist:

  • Report wages to government bodies
  • Social Security contribution payments
  • State disability insurance contributons
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Coverage for workers’ compensation
  • Work hour records and pay by the hour
  • Payment of state minimum wage

These, as well as other responsibilities, are often attributed to hiring a private caregiver. Many will consider this as a secondary part of hiring a private caregiver. However, there are common scenarios that result.

Caregiving Injuries.

If there is an injury from a private caregiver, you will be responsible for the compensation. They have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover all medical bills, lost wage and disability costs. There may also be a fine, specifically if the worker is not compensated for above $10,000.

Firing and Hiring Processes.

If a private caregiver loses their job or is fired, they are able to file an unemployment claim with the state. You are then required to pay benefits, taxes and fines. Working with senior caregivers in Malibu that are an agency combats against these issues.


While taxes are the responsibility of the private caregiver, there may be issues with liabilities. If a family does not pay payroll taxes, it moves into the IRS. This includes FICA, Medicare, FUTA, and SUI. Employers are required to be a 3.4% tax rate for 2 – 3 years.

Why Should You Hire a Senior Caregiver in Malibu?

Hiring a professional caregiver agency offers an employer model that you can work with. You woon’t be responsible for the paperwork and maintenance of a private caregiver, allowing you to simply hire and work with someone who offers caregiving.

Following are the top 10 benefits of working with an agency.

  1. Find the right caregiver. Agencies have several skilled caregivers avaialble and match you to one who provides custom management for your loved one.
  2. Flexibility. With an agency, you have greater timing and flexibility with your schedule. Most senior caregivers in Malibu have the ability to provide you with continuous support, even outside of regular business hours.
  3. Emergency Support. If you need coverage in the middle of the night, an agency will have a caregiver available to assist you, while private caregivers may be more difficult to find and work with.
  4. Pre-screening. Don’t go through the interview process to try to find the perfect fit. Senior caregivers in Malibu are pre-screened by professionals who understand specific needs.
  5. Handled management. There is one individual you will have to work with for management of caregivers. The agency is able to provide professional management outside of your needs, allowing you to have care without the hassle. This includes everything from paperwork to professionalism.
  6. Screening. All senior caregivers in Malibu are pre-screened for references, background, DMV, social security, drug use and diseases. You can maintain your peace of mind with the caregivers available.
  7. Handled administrative tasks. With an agency, there isn’t paperwork or the need to be involved with the taxes, employment requirements and basic administration.
  8. Trained management. The senior caregivers in Malibu understand the demands of elder assistance. Physical care, skill sets, dementia care and communication are all pre-requisites for caregiving support.
  9. Actionable plans. When caregivers understand your needs, they are able to provide extra support while meeting the needs of the family. Whether it is emergency support or care for dementia, you will have a specialized and custom plan for elder support.
  10. Reduced family stress. With an agency, the only concern you have is to spend time with your family. Professional caregivers are able to provide the rest of the assistance needed so you can concentrate on what is important.

The senior caregivers in Malibu are able to provide more support and assistance for your needs. If you want to have the best support for the elders in your life, then an agency provides complete and comprehensive care management.