Senior in-home care Malibu, CA comes in many forms. You want to make sure you are looking at the best wellness programs for you and your loved ones.

Most care providers are focused on daily tasks, such as medication reminders and transportation. While this is essential for the in-home senior care you need, there are other dimensions you can experience with the care seniors in your home need.

A dynamic that is a part of BlueSea Care is our Art to Wellness® program. Designed by RN and medical practitioners, this program uses the therapeutic benefits of the arts to support the wellness of seniors and their specific needs.

The Art to Wellness® program follows the standards of research and initiatives from care providers. The focus on senior wellness, combined with the therapeutic benefits of the arts, works in conjunction with person-centered needs, allowing each individual to balance their well-being, even if they are suffering from a form of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

How Should I Help a Senior Who Needs Cognitive Care?

Issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s are considered progressive, cognitive disorders. Unlike other health issues, they are not reversible and as a senior ages, it is likely that the cognitive capacity will also increase and become a dominant part of their lives.

Using in-home care Malibu CA assists with the progressive cognitive issues, such as dementia, offering support with the difficult changes that a senior may experience.

While most focus on daily care, there are also ways to assist with the changes that a senior is going through, using senior wellness as a support system for needed care.

It is important to note that cognitive disorders often focus on the use of medications to calm the issues which appear. However, other alternatives have been proven to alter and support the needs of patients.

Cognitive care with activites, such as the arts, are proven through scientific research to assist with the well-being and comfort of seniors. Using this tool as a way to support the stage of cognitive needs of seniors allows comfort and well-being to be maintained.

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A significant program that BlueSea Care has offered to Southern California is Painting with Mom courses. These senior art courses in Malibu CA highlight the capacity of senior’s to reach a state of wellness. Those who require cognitive support are able to use the courses as a way to enhance and balance motor skills, emotional changes and the support of cognitive functions.

The Case of Franky and Johnny: Connecting Powers of the Arts

As Painting with Mom has grown, we have found that the benefits not only assist with cognitive functioning among seniors. Connectivity, social capital and family relations are healing with the use of the arts.

Johnny’s case was one which shows this benefit.

One year ago, Johnny was diagnosed with dementia with a faster progression than most.

Franky, his wife, was no longer able to communicate with Johnny as the disruptive features swayed their relationship. His wife of 35 years tried everything to communicate with him again but the dementia continued to progress and created a disconnection in their marriage.

During the Painting with Mom class, Johnny changed. He was communicative and even critical of Franky’s artwork by telling her she should use different colors and patterns.

The result led Franky to tears – for the first time in a long time she was able to speak with her husband.

As a result, Franky was able to communicate with Johnny and used the Arts to Wellness® program at home as well as through the classes to continue to connect with her husband.

Senior In-Home Care Malibu CA and Cognitive Care

According to Science Direct, there is a direct relation from the arts to care for dementia and Alzheimer’s. When considering senior in-home care Malibu CA, it is important to look at the relevance of caregivers and specialized practitioners who are able to provide support.

Art therapy, according to this research, is a valid form of psychotherapy for adults experiencing changes in cognitive functions. The colors and lines of artwork is able to stimulate cognition in patients. As a result, non-verbal channels of communication become prominent and self-expression improves.

Often, dementia and Alzheimer’s interferes with negative emotions, leading to language issues. It is noted that the quality of life is improved, specifically by reducing the communication problems, improving social skills and reducing behavioral symptoms of dementia. The improvements were significant in several individuals, showing significant changes in the expressive capacity of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The senior in-home care Malibu CA highlights that basic care, when used in conjunction with alternative therapies, improves the lifestyle of all involved.

In the case of Franky and Johnny, improved communication, social interactivity and specific cognitive care approaches were able to assist senior wellness while reducing the rapidly expanding dementia and Alzheimer’s that was experienced.

To experience the benefits of our Art to Wellness® programs, please schedule a free assessment.