Starting in November of 2019, Painting with Mom was introduced to Malibu, California. Available once per month on Saturday mornings, the senior programs in Malibu CA provides a space for seniors and their families to enjoy the arts in a welcoming environment.

Headed by Carla Bates, a well-known artist, seniors are able to receive guidance and create memorable paintings together with their families.

Attendants are welcome to join the complimentary class by pre-registering for Painting with Mom.

What Is Malibu’s Resiliency Program?

In November of 2018, Malibu experienced a devastating disaster with the Woolsey Fire. It burned through homes and displaced families throughout the community, creating distress to the city and region at large.

As a part of the response, Malibu created a resiliency program, specifically designed to act with efforts for rejuvenation of the community. A variety of events, resources and support to the community is being highlighted.

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The theme of the programs are to promote resiliency through healing and rejuvenation. The goal is to restore the community, not only with discovering resilience, but also by building optimism.

How BlueSea Care Participated

senior programs in Malibu CA

Malibu’s resiliency programs imclude a surge of several programs. Yoga, drama therapy, art therapy, meditation, music and other opportunities are being offered on a continuous basis to revitalize the community.

To further respond to the needs of the community, free re-building workshops are being offered, specifically to assist with fire-conscious landscaping, emergency preparedness and building design, while offering rebates and incentives.

BlueSea Care responded to the resiliency program in Malibu, CA, specifically by offering support to seniors through Painting with Mom. The classes have been extended to the area, offering visual arts as a way to experience the therepuetic benefits of the arts.

The results with the program are not only extending the classes of Painting with Mom in Malibu. Participants are currently showcasing their paintings at the Michael Landon Center as a part of the gallery showing.

Malibu’s Gallery Showing of Painting with Mom

Malibu Resiliency Program

Why Painting? Our Senior Programs in Malibu CA

BlueSea Care has offered art classes for seniors for several years, focusing solely on Seal Beach. Expanding to senior programs in Malibu CA is a way of bringing the therapeutic benefits of the arts to a location which is stating that it needs support from the devastation that has occurred in the region.

The power of visual arts for seniors showcases therapeutic benefits of the arts, using several dimensions to assist with the needs of individuals and the community.

Read our case study on how arts and the community help elders with grieving loss.

  1. Social Capital. Research shows that social capital is essential among seniors. When they are experiencing grief or loss, it is the community and family that assists with lowering the impact of loss. Social connections assist with health, both physical and mental, among seniors. It has been found that seniors who stay active in the community increase their longevity and have reduced physical and emotional issues.
  2. Cognitive Care. Alzheimer’s, dementia or simple changes in cognitive patterns are balanced with the use of the arts. The therepeutic benefits are inclusive of cognitive functioning which does not have the same support without the arts. Visual arts create connections with colors, lines and motor activity, allowing seniors to maintain balance with their motor – mind functioning.
  3. Increased Well-Being. There is a direct link between emotional and physical health. When offering support to seniors in the community, it increases the physical health and mental as well as emotional well-being of those who are using the arts.

The support with the Malibu resiliency program to promote healing and resilience through the arts, in combination with research which showcases the well-being through the arts have allowed the Painting with Mom senior programs in Malibu CA to continue to provide support to seniors in the community.

Join us in Seal Beach or Malibu for our next Painting with Mom event!